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June 2016 Graduation Photography

The gallery from the June ITT graduation event is live at Unit Prints.


It’s always fun listening to the speakers and seeing the families at the event. This time we had several families want to pose for photos since the weather was nice.

Unit Prints has ended up being a great discovery. We have all 11 of the graduations we’ve shot for ITT up there, as well as some other corporate events and university event photos. Our clients seem to like the convenience and don’t have any problems figuring out how to download the high resolution files, plus they can order prints directly from Unit Prints and save themselves the time of ordering elsewhere.

March 2016 Graduation Photography

We’re still photographing the ITT Tech graduations every quarter. The graduations are always interesting, with good speakers.

class photo

class photo for March 2016

photo of honor society pin

Honor society pin

graduation program cover

graduation program cover

guest speaker

guest speaker Linda Poteet

Academic honor recognition ceremony

Academic honor recognition ceremony

Diploma presentation

Diploma presentation


ITT Tech March Graduation

We’re off to photograph the Salem ITT Technical Institute’s graduation ceremony tonight, and it looks like we may even have some sunshine for any out-of-door photographs of the graduating class. We’ll hopefully have the gallery up within a few days, but we’ve already created the link to UnitPrints so feel free to bookmark it while you’re waiting for the retouched images to be uploaded.


Graduation photo from ITT Tech

ITT Graduation Ceremony Gallery

The full class gallery for the ITT Technical Institute in Salem’s December 16th graduation ceremony is up at Unit Prints. You can download individual high resolution files to print yourself, or you can use UnitPrints to order prints. Go to:


Let me know if you have any problems with downloading or ordering. And we’d love to have you “like” us on Facebook!


Red glass stones with orange highlights

Product Photography for Salem Business

We recently completed a photography project forĀ  My BobRocks, a local Salem Oregon business specializing in keepsake glass “rocks” containing a small amount of ashes as a memorial for a loved one or pet.

memorial glass keepsakes on wood

MyBobRocks displayed on a wooden board

Our client, Kathleen, wanted images that showed the colors of all the rocks she offers. We delivered a full set of on-white images shot in our studio. We also photographed an engraved version of her product and a necklace, as well as shooting the stones with a model and on a selection of natural surfaces. Special care was taken in post processing to make the images very color accurate while still making images that would really “pop” and appeal to the end customer.


ITT Tech September Graduation Gallery

The gallery for the ITT Tech September 2015 Graduation at Louck Auditorium is up at UnitPrints.com. Go to http://bit.ly/ittsept15 to view it. You can download high resolution images to print, or order prints from UnitPrints using the gallery interface. You can also share images on social media.

ITT March 25 Graduation

Update: The images are up! bit.ly/march25itt

And here’s a little gallery of some of our favorite shots.

Previous post: We’re currently packing up our bags and loading the car in preparation for tonight’s ceremony. It’s always fun shooting a graduation. The event gallery is already created at UnitPrints and is just waiting for us to upload the images, which usually happens the Monday or Tuesday after a mid-week graduation.

Here’s the link for those of you waiting impatiently: bit.ly/march25itt

We’ll post again (or update this post) when we have uploaded the images to UnitPrints, where you’ll be able to download high resolution files or order prints.

Travel Photography: Seaside Oregon

For the second year in a row we spent a long weekend in Seaside, Oregon toward the end of February. And for the second year in a row we had great weather. The drive was wet and Sunday night got cold enough in Astoria that we bundled up and drank hot chocolate, but otherwise it was perfect. The beaches were packed, as were the streets of Canon Beach, where we shopped and visited our favorite Oregon distillery.

Playing with my food

Sometimes I just want to play with light or sets (or both!), so I grab whatever’s in the kitchen and my camera. After browsing a lot of food boards on Pinterest with very blown-out backgrounds I set up one of my new surfaces (a collaged and painted surface) and some fruit and tried to get shots that combined both the rich colors in the fruit and the airy feel of the blown-out shots so popular on the boards.

fresh fruit in a white bowl

food photography of fruit

food photography of glass bowl

glass bowl of fruit

I like how the blown-out lighting looks on my new surface because I think it suits the style of the surface, but I don’t feel it does the best job of making this fruit look ready to eat — they look more like an artist’s rendering of food than something you’d want to eat. I think this technique will be perfect for creating wall art for restaurants and kitchens, though, especially if I use lemons or apples for the fruit. Sounds like a great excuse for me to go shopping!

ITT Tech Graduation Gallery

Photo gallery for the ITT Tech December 2014 Salem graduation is up at UnitPrints. http://www.bit.ly/december4itt

Here’s a small sampling of the images.