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The Photos from ITT Tech Salem’s graduation on April 2 are up on UnitPrints. Sort by *name* to get the posed class photos showing up first, followed by the ceremony and then all the family shots. Be sure to look at both pages (there are 194 photos).

(For those of you typing it in by hand and getting an error, the letter after the 3 is a lowercase L, not an uppercase i. Sorry about any confusion.)

Longer post with sample images coming soon!

Graduation Ceremony Photography: TIUA in Salem

This was our third year (or maybe fourth) photographing the “Closing Ceremony” for Tokyo International University in America at Willamette University last December. This year’s class was the biggest to date with 130 students, which makes it a challenge to get a photograph of every single student getting their diploma and shaking hands with President Tsugio Tajiri from Tokyo International University in Kawagoe, Japan.

We get photos of the speakers, the diploma presentation, the various awards, and then after the event of the party itself. The food at the party is always terrific, featuring a variety of Japanese items and some tasty desserts. We enjoy capturing all the hugs and tears and giggles from the students, and this year the students decided they wanted a photo of all of them and all the TIUA instructors as a special keepsake.

ITT Tech Graduation – December 2013

We photographed the local ITT Technical Institute’s very first graduation ceremony in December of 2013 — and we’re scheduled to shoot the next one in April of 2014. It was held in the Salem Library’s auditorium, which is a nice size for a small graduation. We really enjoyed meeting everyone and listening to the speeches.

Happy New Year!

A new year always means changes. Sometimes they work, sometimes they’re a little problematic — you may have noticed the site got redone at the end of last year, and somewhere along the way all our lovely blog posts vanished. We apologize. This wordpress template seems to have moved all those posts into a mystery category, and we still haven’t been able to figure out where they are.

Meanwhile I (Tamra) still have unwritten blog posts from December that I really need to do — we photographed a very cool event for the Oregon College of Physicians, a couple of graduations, a Christmas party, and a lot of food.

That’s our biggest change, actually: we’re spending most of our time shooting products. We’ve always done product photography, but we’ve recently gotten addicted. Especially when it comes to food photography.

Food photography

Photo of football cookies for California bakery

It’s funny how I never really got that into buying props (blankets and baskets, for example) for newborn photos — I did it because we needed those things, but I did it as a chore, not because it was really fun for me. But I don’t feel that way about the props and tools needed for product and food photography. I really love shopping for new items to shoot the products on/with, whether it’s bamboo place mats, white plates, or some fabric for a backdrop. Finding just the right coffee cup to stage in the blurry background of a food shot makes me smile and giggle, and I’m really not the giggly type.

So be prepared to see a lot of product photography posts on the blog in the future as we catch up and move forward. And if you’re looking for a product photographer in Oregon — or even if you’re in another state but can mail us your products, like the California bakery does — then give us a call at 503-580-2895. If I don’t answer I’m probably in the middle of figuring out the right color of jam to put on the plate so the croissant looks its best, but don’t worry because I will get back to you.

–Tamra (the shorter half of Two Harts)

West Salem Machinery Holiday Party Photography

We photographed the West Salem Machinery 2013 Holiday Party for the second year in a row on December 11th. It was once again held at the Salem Conference Center, but this year it was on the first floor. We picked a spot by the tree as the best background for portraits and moved a few of the Center’s couches to create an area where employees could set their coats and bags while we photographed them. The party guests enjoyed the great food and the wonderful holiday decorations.

ACP Event Photography, Salem Oregon

The American College of Physicians (ACP) Oregon chapter held their annual meeting in November 2013 at the Salem Conference center. The organizers hired us to take photos of all the posters in the competition (over 100) and of the contestants and the awards dinner. The Conference Center is a wonderful place for an event, and we love photographing the desserts they serve since they’re always special.



Church Wedding Salem Oregon by Two Harts

This wedding couple tied the knot. Literally! First Presbyterian Church, Salem, Oregon.

Tying the Knot

Tying the Knot

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