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ITT Tech March Graduation

We’re off to photograph the Salem ITT Technical Institute’s graduation ceremony tonight, and it looks like we may even have some sunshine for any out-of-door photographs of the graduating class. We’ll hopefully have the gallery up within a few days, but we’ve already created the link to UnitPrints so feel free to bookmark it while you’re waiting for the retouched images to be uploaded.


ITT Tech September Graduation Gallery

The gallery for the ITT Tech September 2015 Graduation at Louck Auditorium is up at UnitPrints.com. Go to http://bit.ly/ittsept15 to view it. You can download high resolution images to print, or order prints from UnitPrints using the gallery interface. You can also share images on social media.

ITT March 25 Graduation

Update: The images are up! bit.ly/march25itt

And here’s a little gallery of some of our favorite shots.

Previous post: We’re currently packing up our bags and loading the car in preparation for tonight’s ceremony. It’s always fun shooting a graduation. The event gallery is already created at UnitPrints and is just waiting for us to upload the images, which usually happens the Monday or Tuesday after a mid-week graduation.

Here’s the link for those of you waiting impatiently: bit.ly/march25itt

We’ll post again (or update this post) when we have uploaded the images to UnitPrints, where you’ll be able to download high resolution files or order prints.

ITT Tech Graduation Gallery

Photo gallery for the ITT Tech December 2014 Salem graduation is up at UnitPrints. http://www.bit.ly/december4itt

Here’s a small sampling of the images.

TIUA Closing Ceremony Practice

It’s that busy time of the year, with graduations and end-of-year events. And time for Tokyo International University of America at Willamette to have their closing ceremony and send this year’s group of students back to Japan. We’ll be shooting the event on Friday night but today I (Tamra) went to the practice and helped this year’s group of kids see where they need to look when they’re shaking hands and getting their certificates. Practice is held early in the morning a couple of days before the ceremony and the students are always a little sleepy, so having at least one of us there to give them the practice at looking at the camera is important!

TIUA students

The students gather for practice.

look at the photographer

Demonstrating where to look

TIUA student at practice

Practicing holding their certificate

Gunnar Gundersen of TIUA

Gunnar Gundersen, the EVP of TIUA, gives the students some final tips




ITT Graduation June 2014 — Event Photography

It’s always fun to do a repeat gig — you know the people and the location and can concentrate on the images. We’ve been shooting he graduation ceremonies for the Salem campus of ITT Technical Institute since they had their first graduation event, and it’s always a fun event to photograph.

Jenny & Zach’s April Wedding

Jennifer and Zachary’s April wedding was both sweet and very silly at the same time — just the way we like our events!

bride and groom making a face

The Bride and Groom being themselves

We got some beautiful photos of the entire wedding party enjoying their day, and some of our all-time favorite Bride and Groom shots.

first look photograph

First look without the look — he didn’t see her in her dress until she walked down the aisle

Portrait of bride and groom

Bride and groom portrait

The wedding and reception were at Kerith Lodge, about 25 miles west of Salem. The lodge is rustic and features lots of wood and wagon wheels. The weather was pretty but a little chilly during the outdoor photos.

We’ve known Jenny and Zach for several years and photographed their engagement as well as doing family photos at Christmas. We feel very honored to have been selected as their wedding photographer.

ITT Photos up at Unit Prints

The Photos from ITT Tech Salem’s graduation on April 2 are up on UnitPrints. Sort by *name* to get the posed class photos showing up first, followed by the ceremony and then all the family shots. Be sure to look at both pages (there are 194 photos). http://bit.ly/1h3lLK2

(For those of you typing it in by hand and getting an error, the letter after the 3 is a lowercase L, not an uppercase i. Sorry about any confusion.)

Longer post with sample images coming soon!

Graduation Ceremony Photography: TIUA in Salem

This was our third year (or maybe fourth) photographing the “Closing Ceremony” for Tokyo International University in America at Willamette University last December. This year’s class was the biggest to date with 130 students, which makes it a challenge to get a photograph of every single student getting their diploma and shaking hands with President Tsugio Tajiri from Tokyo International University in Kawagoe, Japan.

We get photos of the speakers, the diploma presentation, the various awards, and then after the event of the party itself. The food at the party is always terrific, featuring a variety of Japanese items and some tasty desserts. We enjoy capturing all the hugs and tears and giggles from the students, and this year the students decided they wanted a photo of all of them and all the TIUA instructors as a special keepsake.

ITT Tech Graduation – December 2013

We photographed the local ITT Technical Institute’s very first graduation ceremony in December of 2013 — and we’re scheduled to shoot the next one in April of 2014. It was held in the Salem Library’s auditorium, which is a nice size for a small graduation. We really enjoyed meeting everyone and listening to the speeches.