We’re Bruce & Tamra Hart, the Two Harts

Tamra loves coffee, can’t go more than a week without reading a book, and has a unique talent for rolling double sixes when playing Monopoly. Bruce wanted to be a pro golfer, thinks LOTR is the best movie ever, and is addicted to YouTube golf videos. We’ve been together since 1986 (back when Tamra had really big hair and Bruce dressed like an extra on Miami Vice) and got married at Rex Hill Winery in Newberg, Oregon, in 1990. We’ve lived in Oregon since 2000, but before that we were in the heart of the Silicon Valley in Mountain View, CA.

Along with Two Harts Photography we also have another business together, a web and graphic design company (Crendo.com). Friends think we’re nuts for working together, but we were nuts before we started working together so it’s all good.

We both started our respective photographic journeys in college (before we met) but beyond the usual cat photos and taking a few photos for use in graphic design projects we didn’t start shooting professionally until 2005 — that’s when Bruce bought a Nikon D70. A neighbor noticed us photographing every flower in our neighborhood and hired us to shoot her son’s senior pictures and we were off and running.

Over the years we’ve been hired to photograph college graduations, store grand openings, animals, family reunions, anniversary parties, engagement parties, christmas parties, clothing, jewelry, musical instruments, automobile accessories, and lots and lots of food. We’ve even done photos for a dating website, and have taken photos of an auto repair shop.

For events Bruce typically handles the flash duties while Tamra concentrates on available light images, but we’re both capable of switching places. In our studio Tamra is the one who styles sets for food and products and creates unique backdrops out of cheap Dollar Tree items and some glue, while Bruce tends to be more interested in getting the lights positioned than he is on what color of spoon works best with what tea cup.

Our goal is to create high-end images that are retouched to perfection. We have solid camera gear and we take our job seriously. We both feel that a good photographer is both an artist and a technician, and that truly unique images are only created through careful planning, posing, composition, and set design. We try to be low-key and easy to work with but we put everything we have into our work, and we think it shows in the quality of the results.

Happy shooting,

Bruce & Tamra Hart
Two Harts Photography
Salem, Oregon

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